MOVIGEAR® wins third place in environmental technology competition 2011!


Environmental technology competition 2011


The "MOVIGEAR®" decentralized drive system from SEW-EURODRIVE convinced the jury and came third in the "measuring and control technology" category.

The Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Prize is awarded for products that make a valuable contribution to saving resources and protecting the environment. It marks outstanding environmental technology made in Baden-Württemberg and offers helpful information to investment decision makers and citizens alike.


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MOVIGEAR® sets new standards in profitability and functionality

The MOVIGEAR® mechatronic drive system offers a number of advantages over traditional drive solutions. MOVIGEAR® combines the three core competencies of SEW-EURODRIVE in one housing: gear unit, motor and drive electronics. The integration and coordination of these drive components leads to a long and reliable service life, and thereby a higher degree of system availability. MOVIGEAR® also makes optimum use of all of the technical and economic advantages of these three drive components. This makes it perfectly suited for use in efficient and economical conveyor systems.



NEW: MOVIGEAR® binary and MOVIGEAR® AS-Interface

MOVIGEAR® binary and MOVIGEAR® AS-Interface extend the well-established series of MOVIGEAR® products. Both innovations were developed at SEW-EURODRIVE to provide an economic solution for stand-alone applications and systems with basic drive functions.



The focus is on using up to 50% less energy, depending on the application, than traditional drive solutions Thanks to our know-how and years of experience in decentralized drive technology, both products are easy to operate.

Startup is quick and can be performed without a PC using the DIP switches and potentiometer, while optional local on-site/manual operation using binary inputs makes them extremely convenient to operate. Another new feature is the integrated safety function STO (Safe Torque Off), which allows for the setup of systems and machines in accordance with safety regulations.

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Link to youtube channel SewEurodriveTV

Link to youtube channel SewEurodriveTV