CMP motor series expanded

SEW-EURODRIVE has expanded the existing CMP40 - 63 series by sizes CMP71, 80 and 100 making it possible to now implement drive solutions with a peak torque of up to 178.8 Nm.

CMP 80

Compact design

Single-tooth winding and the resulting high copper fill factor of the new CMP motors provide an exceptionally high power density. This means a CMP motor can be utilized much better than a motor of the same size without these design advantages.

The increased number of pole pairs reduces cogging to a barely noticeable minimum. Consequently, CMP motors offer excellent true-running properties even at low speed.

A special stator casting technology protects the motor against moisture and vibrations. This ensures high availability and long service life of the CMP motors.


Two rotor types

A low-inertia rotor in the CMP motor makes for high angular acceleration using little energy. The rotor can be fitted with additional inertia mass for driving heavy loads.

Gear units for direct mounting

CMP motors can be mounted to all gear units from the modular SEW system. The input pinion of the gear unit is directly connected with the standard motor shaft of the servomotor to form a positive connection without backlash.


All CMP motors are also available as servo brakemotors. The low-inertia spring-loaded BP holding brake with two braking torques, which can be selected, is available for sizes CMP40 to 100. For sizes CMP 71, CMP80 and CMP100 you can choose between the powerful BY spring-loaded brake with high working capacity and two selectable braking torques.

Forced cooling

The new sizes CMP71, CMP80 and CMP100 can be equipped with an axial forced cooling fan as an option. Thermal torques will then increase by up to 40%.

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Scalable encoders

CMP motors are equipped with the successful resolver technology as standard. Single or multi-turn HIPERFACE® encoders are available on request. These encoders are delivered with an electronic nameplate making startup with the MOVIDRIVE® universal inverter or the modular MOVIAXIS® servo system possible with minimum effort.

Application construction material industry

Versatile applications

The range of applications is wide:

  • In the packaging industry, directly mounted small low-inertia CMP motors can be used to drive axes of low mass.
  • In the construction material industry, CMPZ motors in combination with large helical-bevel gearmotors, robust working brake and manual brake release are an efficient solution for moving heavy loads.
  • Using CMP motors with a MOVI-PLC® controller makes them the perfect choice for loading and unloading processing machines, palletizing or stacking applications.
  • The motors can be used worldwide thanks to CSA and UL certification.

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